• Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus
    Odyssey Early College and Career Options
    2115 Afton Way 80909
    719-328-2030 earlycollege.d11.org

    Mission: At Odyssey Early College and Career Options (Odyssey ECCO), students RISE to meet the challenges of school and life.

    • Respect: Odyssey ECCO students respect themselves, fellow students, teachers, staff, and the Roy J. Wasson Academic campus.
    • Integrity: Odyssey ECCO students do the right thing, no matter how difficult that may be. Students do what is right, not what is convenient.
    • Scholarship: Odyssey ECCO students are here to learn. It is understood that the pathway to a better life begins with education.
    • Effort: Odyssey ECCO students show up to class and give their best effort. To be successful, all work is done to the best of each student’s ability. Why Choose Odyssey ECCO?
    • Our students are highly motivated to graduate with their high school diploma and an associate’s degree or up to 60 credit hours of “guaranteed transfer” college credit—for FREE!
    • All our instructors have a master’s degree or a PhD, and they are adjunct faculty for Pikes Peak Community College and Adams State University.

    Our Method
    • We provide our students with academic support, such as time management, organization with the use of binders, and note-taking strategies.
    • We provide small learning environments that demand rigorous, high-quality work.
    • We provide extensive academic and tutorial support throughout our semester-long courses.
    • We ensure a smooth transition from high school to college.

    Our Transportation
    • We provide “school-to-school” transportation from every District 11 high school to Odyssey ECCO on a first come, first served basis.
    • We provide transportation from Odyssey ECCO to Pikes Peak Community College, Centennial Campus.