SECTION G: Personnel

  • GA Personnel Goals/Priority Objectives
    GBA Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
    GBAA Employee Sexual and Racial Harassment/Discrimination
    GBB Staff Involvement in Decisionmaking
    GBD Board Communications with Staff
    GBDA Referral to Employee Handbooks/Agreements
    GBDA-R-1 Referral to Employee Handbooks/Agreements (Regulation 1 - Instructional Staff Conferences/Trainings/Workshops)
    GBDA-R-2 Referral to Employee Handbooks/Agreements (Regulation 2 - Certified Staff Continuing Education)
    GBDA-R-3 Referral to Employee Handbooks/Agreements (Regulation 3 - Exchange Teaching)
    GBDA-E Credits and Salary Advancement Criteria
    GBDB Board-Staff Meet and Confer Process
    GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest/Employment of Relatives
    GBEA-E Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
    GBEB  Staff Conduct and Professional Responsibilities
    GBEB-R Staff Conduct and Professional Responsibilities  
    GBEBA Staff Dress, Accessories, and Grooming
    GBEBC Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff
    GBEC Drug- and Alcohol- Free Workplace
    GBEE Technology Resources and Internet Safety Responsible Use for Staff
    GBEE-E-1 Appropriate Use of Technology Resources and Internet Safety Responsible Use by Staff
    GBEE-E-2 Staff Electronic Device Letter of Agreement
    GBGA Staff Health
    GBGB Staff Personal Security and Safety
    GBGF Family and Medical Leave
    GBGF.R.1 Family and Medical Leave Act (Regulation)
    GBGF.R.2 Colorado Family and Medical Care Act Leave (Regulation)
    GBGG Staff Leave - Healthy Families & Workplaces Act (HFWA)
    GBI Criminal History Record Information
    GBJ Personnel Records and Files
    GBJ-R Personnel Records and Files (Electronic Requisitions)
    GBL Staff Awards and Recognition
    GBM Staff Identification Cards
    GBM-E Staff Identification Cards - Exhibit - Employee Exit Checklist
    GBM-R Staff Identification Cards - Regulation
    GCAA Instructional Staff Positions
    GCAB Administrative Staff Positions
    GCEC Posting and Advertising of Professional/Executive Vacancies
    GCE-GCF Recruiting/Hiring/Background Checks
    GCE-GCF-R Recruiting/Hiring/Background Checks (Regulation)
    GCG GCGA Substitute, Temporary, and Part-Time Teachers and Executive/Professional Employees
    GCID Professional Staff Training, Workshops and Conferences
    GCKB Executive/Professional Employee Assignments and Transfers
    GCOC Evaluation of Executive/Professional Employees
    GCPB Demotion and Reclassification of Executive/Professional Employees
    GCQC Resignation of Licensed Staff Members
    GCRC Staff Consulting Activities
    GCS Professional Research and Publishing
    GDA Support Staff Positions
    GDG Substitute, Temporary and Part-Time Education Support Professionals
    GDJ Education Support Professionals Assignments and Transfers
    GDP Education Support Professionals Promotions, Demotions and Reclassification
    GE Teleworking Policy