SECTION D: Fiscal Management

  • DA Fiscal Management - Fund Balance
    DB Annual Budget
    DBC Budget Planning, Preparation and Schedules
    DBC-E Deadlines in Budgeting Process Set by Statute
    DBG Budget Adoption
    DBGA Mill Levy Override/Transportation Levy
    DBI Budget Implementation
    DBJ Budget Transfers
    DBJ-R Budget Transfers - Regulation
    DC Taxing and Borrowing
    DD Grants - Pre-Award Planning and Budgeting
    DD-E-1 Internal Intent to Apply for Grant Funding - Exhibit
    DD-E-2 External Entity Intent to Apply for Grant Funding or Request for Letter of Support - Exhibit
    DD-R-1 Cost Sharing/Matching Funds - Regulation
    DD-R-2 Supplantation - Regulation
    DE Grants - Post-Award
    DE-E-1 Time and Effort Certification - Exhibit
    DE-E-2 Time and Effort Certification - Partial Payment form - Exhibit
    DE-E-3 Personal Activity Report - Exhibit
    DE-R-1 Allowable Use of Funds - Regulation
    DE-R-2 Time and Effort - Regulation
    DE-R-3 Indirect Cost Rate - Regulation
    DE-R-4 Grant Audits and Audit Resolution - Regulation
    DE-R-5 Grant Reporting - Regulation
    DFA-DFAA Statement of Investment Policy
    DFA-DFAA-E Statement of Investment - Exhibit
    DFG Revenues Generated from School or District Activities and Fundraisers
    DFG-E Revenues Generated from School or District Activities and Fundraisers Reconciliation Form
    DFG-R Revenues Generated from School or District Activities and Fundraisers - Regulation
    DFH Games of Chance on District Property
    DG Banking Services (And Deposit of Funds)
    DGA-DGB Authorized Signatures/Check-Writing Services
    DIA Online Schools and Online Programs
    DID General Fixed Assets
    DID-E-1 Receipt for Donated Assets - Exhibit
    DID-E-2 Fixed Asset Disposition Form - Exhibit
    DID-R General Fixed Assets - Regulation
    DIE Audits/Financial Monitoring
    DIF Financial Obligations
    DJ Procurement and Contracting
    DJG Vendor Relations
    DKA Payroll Procedures
    DKA-R Compensation Administration (Regulation)
    DKC Expense Authorization/Reimbursement
    DKD Travel Policy
    DKD-R Travel Policy - Regulation
    DLB 403b Non-Qualified Plan
    DM Cash in School Buildings
    DM-R Cash in School Buildings - Regulation
    DN School Properties Disposition
    DN-R School Properties Disposition - Regulation

    Reporting Employee Misconduct Involving District Resources