Resources for Families

Things to keep in mind:

  • What can you do to partner with District 11 to keep your child safe?

    • Secure your home network and devices by using strong passwords, malware and virus protection.
    • Read online privacy policies carefully when creating accounts.  Be sure you know how companies will use your information.
    • Teach your students about online safety.  Talk about cyberbullying, sharing personal information, posting pictures, and online predators.  Know that children will need to hear this again and again.
    • Install parental control on your child's devices so you are assured they are not accessing inappropriate websites and are able to monitor their activity.
    • Create family rules for internet use and set a good example for them to follow.  Be sure your child follows those rules, too.
    • You are your child's most trusted confidant.  Be sure they are comfortable coming to you if they are exposed to something inappropriate.  Work together to create a safe online environment.