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  • Requirements for Enrollment

    A parent or guardian must enroll a student in District 11. Along with a completed pre-enrollment form for each student you will need to provide the following:

    • Parent ID
    • Verification of child’s birth date (birth certificate, passport or military ID-if military ID shows date of birth)
    • Immunization records (click here for more information on immunization requirements and where to obtain immunizations)
    • Proof of residency (click here for a list of acceptable documents)
    • If student is not living with both biological parents, a copy of legal paperwork (custody/guardianship) may be necessary
    • If student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for special education services, a copy of the current/latest plan
    • Name and address of student’s previous school to request academic records


    How to Enroll

    To enroll your student, please complete all of the following steps:

    1. Fill out the Pre-Enrollment information
    2. Fill out the Additional Information form | Spanish
    3. Upload your documentation (Birth Certificate, Shot Records, Proof of Address, ID, etc.)
    4. Call Freedom at (719) 228-0800 and let the office know you have completed these steps

    Have Questions?