Anna Donovan
  • Hi there!

    I'm Anna Donovan, and I'm so happy to be the new Steele School Counselor! I live in the neighborhood and have a son who attended Steele, so I love this community and I know we will have a great time together!

    As the counselor, I see my job as creating a confidential space that is nurturing and supportive to each and every student, while advocating for them to reach the high standards I know they can achieve. Counselors are also tasked with encouraging an evironment that is equitable, so each child receives what he or she needs to be able to access learning.

    I do this by teaching lessons in the classrooms that everyone receives, by developing systems and programming that are inclusive, and by helping children and teachers manage behaviors in supportive ways. Small groups and individual counseling are also available. I use several sources of data to come up with programs that address the academic, social-emotional and career goals of all students to encourage their success in life.

    I received my M.A. in Counseling and Mental Health from UCCS and my B.A. from Stanford University, and I also hold an M.F.A from the California College of the Arts. I am also a licensed professional counselor candidate (LPCC). In my previous life in California, I was a muralist, decorative painter and yoga teacher. Here in Colorado, my family and I love to hike up mountains, ski, paddle board and go on adventures - we love it!

    Please reach out to me anytime! 

    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm

    Direct line: 719-328-4709