Books that teach kids not to guess
  • Click the blue link for texts that follow the taught skills (listed below) as closely as possible. I have highlighted words that your child will probaby need help with because
    1)the spelling rule hasn't been taught or
    2) the irreguarly spelled word may not have been taught. 

    Step 3 Text 🟡
    Includes the m, a, t, d, c, o, g, i in 2&3 letter words

    Step 4 Text 🔵
    Includes the sounds m, a, t, d, o, g, c, i, n, h, s, f, v, z, p, e in 2&3 letter words
    Tricky Words: a, the, have

    Step 5 Text 🌸
    Includes all 26 consonant and short vowels in 2&3 letter words
    Tricky words: a, the, have

    Step 6 Text 🟠
    All 26 basic consonant and short vowel sounds in 2-6 sound words
    Open syllable: be, he, me, we, hi, go, no, so
    Tricky sound: /z/ for the letter s
    Tricky words: a, the, have, is, his, has, as, was, does

    Step 7 Text 🟢
    All previous plus digraphs (2 letters, one sound) sh, ch, th, wh, ng, qu

    Step 8 Text 🟣
    All previous plus double consonants (ff, ll, ss, etc.) 
    Tricky words: all, of, one, from, love

    Step 9 Text 🟤
    All previous phonics
    Tricky words: word, why, by, my, to, do, where, there, what, once, said, says, are, were, here

    Step 10 Text ⚫
    All previous plus long vowel spellings: ee, a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e
    Tricky words: their, they, you, your

    Step 11 Text 💟
    All previous plus additonal vowels: oo (book), oo (spoon), ou (out), ow (cow), aw (saw), oi (coin), oy (boy)
    Tricky words: beacuse, could, should, would, down, brown, sometimes

    Step 12 Text 🟦
    All previous plus R-controlled vowels: er, ar, or

    Step 13 Text ⬜
    All previous plus alternate spellings - tch for "ch", g/ge for "j", ed for "t" and "d", wr for "r"

    Step 14 Text 🟥
    All previous plus alternate spellings: c, ce, se for "s", kn for "n", ng for "n"

    Step 15 Text 🟪
    All previous plus additional Long Vowel Spellings ay, ai, ie, oa, oe

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