• Enrollment- Career Pathways

    Important Information:

    • Enrollment
      1. First, Students meet with their High School Counselor to request CP course
      2. High School Counselor and CP Counselor will approve student’s course selection
      3. Students will maintain attendance and behavior requirements through Home High School and Career Pathways
      4. Enrollment happens each semester a student is interested in a CP Course
    • Credits
      1. Students earn necessary high school credits, and can college credits if class is passed with a “B” or better
      2. CP classes are taught at a College Level – projects, assignments, and exams are rigorous
      3. Students may have the potential to make up work for full credit for excused absences from at the discretion of the CP teacher
    • Transportation
      1. Students can ride the D11 bus to and from their home high school and the RJWAC for their CP classes for free – schedule can be found at https://www.d11.org/Page/2026
      2. Students may drive themselves, or have parents transport them, to and from their home high school and the RJWAC or their CP classes.
    • Attendance
      1. Career Pathways students must be in class on time, every day
      2. Excused absences for D11 students are outlined in the Board of Education polices, Section Students (Section J), found on https://www.d11.org/Page/469
      3. School-related absences occur when the student is required by their home school to remain at the high school during CP class. Examples may include: transportation issues, testing, assemblies, college visits, or as approved by Administration
      4. Unexcused absences may culminate to a maximum of 5/quarter or 9/semester. After this, the student’s High School Counselor and the CP Dean of Students will be notified, and the student may be* dropped from the program.
      5. Excessive tardiness is included in the unexcused absence count; being tardy 3 times per quarter (6 times per semester) is the equivalent of 1 unexcused absence

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