• Gifted and Talented Academy (GTA) at North Middle School 


    The Gifted and Talented Academy (GTA) at North Middle School uses Talent Development Model of Gifted Education, which recognizes that a student's area of giftedness may not be global; a student may be gifted in math, art, ELA, music, and/or leadership skills.

    • The GTA looks beyond one data point for entry into the program, ensuring that the GTA represents the demographics of North Middle School.


    • To meet student needs, North provides dynamic scheduling so that a student may have advanced instruction in their area of giftedness, but not be required to enroll in advanced classes in all areas.


    • The GTA provides students formally identified as Gifted and Talented an option of being part of a class cohort that travels together.


    Social and emotional learning is another key component in the GTA, where we focus on the individual needs of students. The GTA provides a focus on cultural awareness and the richness of the backgrounds of all of our students. This contributes to an international-mindedness that helps promote a peaceful existence which is a core tenet of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at North Middle School.