• Dual Credit Courses, whether they are taken at the high school where the student is enrolled or at a post-secondary institution, are courses for which the student has been granted permission to earn both Carnegie units (high school) and college credit. Students must have prior permission to enroll for dual credit and meet the requirements specified by the college. Students are responsible for verifying any college’s acceptance of credits earned as dual credit. Enrollment in a dual credit course does not guarantee college acceptance. Please contact your school counselor for information regarding available dual credit options. 


    CU Succeed Platinum (UCCS) and Gold (CU Denver)                        

    ​College-ready high school students can enroll in an extended studies college course that is offered after school hours online or at one of our D11 campuses. Students earn high school and college credits. Not all courses will be gtPathways (Guaranteed Transfer) but most will transfer to public institutions of higher education within Colorado.  It is the student’s responsibility to research transferability.  Information about upcoming course offerings in both fall and spring will be available by reaching out to school counselors and gifted and talented resource teachers. These are classified as Extended Studies. These courses are NOT Concurrent Enrollment. 



    D11 will pay up to the community college tuition rate for students pursuing Extended Studies courses outside of Concurrent Enrollment. If students choose to take courses at UCCS they will apply to the institution and work through the appropriate course placement measures. In order to receive partial funding (up to $153 per credit the state designated community college rate) an LOA or letter of Authorization must be completed by the student prior to the start of the class or add/drop deadline of UCCS.   

    Required for partial funding (LOA)




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