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    Rudy is proud to be a part of the annual District 11 Ron Hein Track Meet. Each year over 40 elementary schools come together to compete in various track and field events at Garry Berry Stadium!

    2022 Track Team  

    Events Include: The 50, 100, 200 & 400 Meter Dash, 800 Meter Run, 400 Meter Relays, Long Jump, High Jump & Shot Put.


    Track and field Coaches

    Aaron Crews & Heather Shaw  

    Crews   Shaw  


    The Ron Hein Track Meet with be on May 12th, 2023

    @ Garry Berry Stadium

    *Track Team selections are based on individual PE Fitness Testing results and athletes selected will receive an invitation from Coach Crews.

      Rudy Meet Finalists

    est. 2019

    (Finished top 10 in the district)

    Girls Events

    50M Dash: 2019 Nevaeh Ullrich (3rd Overall)

    100M Dash:  2022 Stella Isensee (6th Overall)

    200M Dash: 2019 Kalyn Dick (7th Overall)

    800M Run: 2019 Nevaeh Ullrich (7th Overall)

    Long Jump: 2019 Nevaeh Ullrich (4th Overall)

                       2022 Debbie Craig (8th Overall)

    Shot Put: 2022 Amberlyn Duncan (4th Overall)


    Boys Events

    50M Dash: 2019 Xzavyor Hernandez (2nd Overall)

             2022: Nyle Webster (5th Overall)

    100M Dash: 2022 Nyle Webster (2nd Overall)

    400M Dash: 2022 Atticus Leak (5th Overall)

    800M Run: 2019 Xzavyor Hernandez (1st Overall)

    Long Jump: 2019 Riley Weed (7th Overall)


    Rudy Relay Teams

    Girls Relay Team

    2022 (5th Overall)

    Isabelle Miller, Debbie Craig, Addy Gullixson & Saniya Leak

    Mixed Relay Team

    2019 (2nd Overall)

            Nevaeh Ullrich, Kalyn Dick, Riley Weed & Xzavyor Hernandez

    2022 (3rd Overall)

    Chevy Crosby, Stella Isensee, Tyler Salisbury, Isaiah Ragsdale


    For questions, you can contact Coach Crews at aaron.crews@d11.org