• Coronado Tech Support Hot Line:  719-328-3653

    • Have you checked to see if your question is on the FAQ list?
    • Please restart your computer at least once before calling (Really, this helps fix most issues...)
    • Open between the hours of 7am and 3pm to provide support with all of your technology issues.

    Coronado Cybrary/Technology Contacts:

    Caitlin Garrison - Coronado Student Support Goddess

    • e-mail:  caitlin.garrison@d11.org
    • Phone:  719-328-3653

    Natalie Burgess:  Cybrary Goddess and Support Specialist

    • e-mail:  natalie.burgess@d11.org
    • Phone:  719-328-3623

    Aaron Vinje - District Support Technician (Wizard)

    • e-mail:  aaron.vinje@d11.org
    • Phone:  719-520-2335

    Kipp Cox - Cybrary Technology Educator

    • e-mail:  kipp.cox@d11.org
    • Phone:  719-328-3624


     CSSD11 District Technology Support