•  Benchmark Testing at Home 

    • Purpose of Benchmark Assessments
      • “The purpose of the Benchmark test is the find out what students know about their grade level standards and help their teacher plan instruction.  The results will not be used as a grade. Elementary students will have up to one hour for testing and middle/high school students up to 90 minutes, so they should take their time to do their best work.  It is possible that students may not know the answer for some questions, and that they may run out of time before answering every question.  It is okay to skip a question and come back to it later.  Students should try to answer every question so that their teacher will have the best information possible for lesson planning.”
    • Testing At home test environment
      • The testing environment should be in a quiet place as free from distractions as possible (tv off, siblings engaged in other activities)
      • Students may have notebook paper for working out math problems but should not have other educational material available for reference during testing.
      • Students should not be permitted to use the internet to answer questions as this would prevent their teachers from knowing what they currently understand and where they need additional support.
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    Student Instructions for Galileo K12 Benchmark Testing

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