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Mr. Anthony Karr

Holmes Community,

As the summer of 2021 progresses, I want to highlight some work we do regarding culture and climate. The 5Essentials Survey is the main tool for measuring our school constituencies’ perception of our culture and climate. While I am very confident of the product and opportunities that Holmes provides, it is often better to hear from the people who experience our school directly.

The 5Essentials measures teacher, student, and parent perceptions in five areas proven through the University of Chicago to have significant impact on student achievement and success. I am proud to say that our culture and climate, according to the 5Essentials is “well organized” for our students to be able to experience success.

For 2021, Holmes Middle School is well-organized for improvement. The overall performance score is comprised of each of the 5Essentials scores. Schools that are at or above benchmark on 3 or more essentials are 10 times more likely to improve than schools that are below the benchmark. Holmes Middle School scored above benchmark on these three of the 5Essentials: Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers and Ambitious Instruction.  

For more detailed information and specific response results, please see the Culture and Climate Perception page on the Holmes Website.