D-11 Elementary Band & Orchestra COVID19 Guidelines

  • Visual & Performing Arts Covid19 Guidance


    Guiding Principles: Curriculum and scheduling must be mindful of how instruction can support the social and emotional wellbeing of students, whether through artistic creation, classroom instruction, or virtual environments in the COVID-19 era. Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Art teachers possess specialized training and pedagogy and should be able to teach in the area in which they are highly qualified.


    Elementary Band & Orchestra

    • Masks must be worn at all times.
    • Bell covers and woodwind bags must be utilized.
    • Ziplock bags or puppy pads for water keys on brass must be utilized.
    • Students must stay in their seats while instruments are in play.
    • Students may not share music or other materials.
    • Webex Classes will be utilized.
    • No sharing of music stands.
    • Students wipe down their music stand and chair after each rehearsal.
    • Students may not share music or other materials.
    • Must use the CDC guidelines for social distancing of 6x6 feet, with 9x6 for trombone players.
    • Indoor rehearsals should last for 30 minutes followed by clearing the room for 20-minutes for the HVAC system tochange the air indoors with outside air.
    • If proper HVAC exchange cannot happen, instruction should occur outdoors.
    • Hand washing/hand sanitizing should occur en-route to class.
    • Students must clean instruments regularly.
    • Classes should always occur outside, if possible.


  • Woodwind Bags and Bell Covers

    So what do woodwind bags and bell covers look like?

    Bell covers are like masks that fit over the bell of brass instruments. Here's a website that sells them so you can see examples:


    And woodwind bags fit over the whole instrument with holes for the hands to fit in so the player can still touch the instrument. Here's a link to an example: 


    I do not expect you to buy these. But we do have to cover the instruments. You are welcome to make them from a pillowcase, or to go to Etsy, or other websites that can give you ideas. This is a new time and we have to protect everyone from the particles that could be in the air.