• Welcome to the Columbia Band Page!

    Columbia band meets after school. During remote learning students will meet using the schedule below. 

    When we come back to in person learning we will need to move the time back by 15 minutes so I can get to Columbia from my other school. 

    Click this link for the schedule:

    Columbia Band Schedule


    Also, it's important to note the new COVID requirements are that wind instruments much have a cover. 

    An example of a clarinet cover is at this website:

    Trumpets and trombones need Bell Covers. An example is at this website:

    Please do not feel you need to buy one. Feel free to make something from cloth that you have. The links I'm showing are just examples.

    Thank you for understanding on this. It's how we are still able to legally have class.


    Feel free to contact me with any questions at .

    Musically Yours,

    Mrs. Kennedy