• Thursday, January 5 and Friday, January 6, counselors are only working with new students and students who have NO schedules.
    • Students must attend their scheduled classes until any schedule changes are finalized.
    • Starting Monday, January 9 students may pick up a schedule change form from the counseling office.
    • Students are responsible for getting signatures from all teachers whose classes they are adding or dropping.
    • Schedule changes must fall under one of the categories below:
      1. Teacher recommendation/level change.
      2. Schedule change is at teacher's discretion.
      3. Student has previously earned credit in the class.
      4. Medical excuse from physician.
      5. Class conflict (two classes scheduled during the same class period).
      6. Student has not yet completed the required prerequisite for the class.
    • The 9th - 12th grade deadline for adding or dropping classes is Wednesday, January 11, 2023.
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