ATTENTION STUDENTS: we have had to modify our class add/drop process in light of COVID impacts. Palmer’s new block schedule and the mandate to manage class sizes has significantly impacted our flexibility with class options for students.  Student-initiated schedule changes can only be considered for the following reasons:

    • Class level changes
      • Example:  Moving from Spanish 3 up to Spanish 5
      • Example:  Changing from honors biology down to grade-level biology
    • Duplicate classes
      • Example: You have two Algebra 1 classes in different periods
    • Missing core or grad requirement classes
      • Example: You require a PE or English to stay on track for graduation but it is not in your schedule
    • You already took the same level class
      • Example: You already passed Game Programming 1 but have been placed back in that class again this year instead of moving to Game Programming 2
    • Medical or religious exemptions

    If your request meets one or more of the above criteria, you may email your counselor with your specific request. You must be sure to include the following in your email by the end of the school day on Sept 1:

    • Specific class(es) that you are attempting to add and/or drop (review the master schedule)
      • Period
      • Class name
      • Teacher
    • Your reason for requesting the change. Your request may not be considered if your rationale does not meet the schedule change criteria listed above

    Your counselor will coordinate your request with the relevant teachers and determine if your request can be satisfied. A decision will be delivered to you via email from your counselor with any additional directions for you to follow.  Please allow for up to 72 hours of processing. Students must continue to attend their originally scheduled classes until such time as they are notified of decision by their counselor.