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    One of my passions in life is to build things with my hands.  My current project is a family pavilion in the Mountains
    This first link is a flyover video showing the Pavilion and surrounding area.
    Video of Mr. Gryboski falling a large beetle kill blue spruce
    This third link brings you to the "Pavilion" page of my website where you can see more still photos of the work I'm doing.

    Another passion of mine is to advocate for the individual sovereignty of all people, which is spelled out in our Declaration of Independence.  No human or group of humans gets to play God over another human or group of humans.  Who owns your body?  You do.  The collective group we call society does not own your body, you do.  Freedom of speech is the bedrock principle upon which all other personal freedoms rest.  Without free speech we are not free at all.  The picture below is of a banner that hangs in the front of my classroom.   Can free speech go too far?  Should we ban "hate speech?"  My answer is, "no."  What if someone you despise is the politician in charge (or group of politicians in charge) and they get to decide what constitutes hate speech.  Could you be locked up for criticizing the way they govern our society?  Therefore, so called, hate speech should never be banned.  What is the best solution for terrible speech?  More and more free speech.  Because, in the end, the good ideas will win over the bad ideas if everyone can speak freely.   

    free speech banner