• Hello Sabin Orchestra Families!

      Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! While the start of this school year will be very different than any of us have ever experienced, I know we can still have fun making music together, even if not in person!

      I am very excited to welcome all orchestra students to our virtual classrooms beginning Monday, August 24. In order to begin the school year together with all required materials for orchestra, please follow these steps:

      1. Fill out this form ASAP: Orchestra Form 

      2. Pick up your orchestra book (and school instrument rental, if applicable) at Sabin during Chromebook pick-up. If you are renting your instrument from a local music store, please pick it up before Monday, August 24

      3. Go to a local music store with your orchestra class supply list (posted in your orchestra class to the left) to purchase needed items for the school year.

      Students will be enrolled in orchestra classes according to the following:

      • 6th graders who have never been in orchestra = Beginning Orchestra
      • 6th graders who played in orchestra for at least one year = Intermediate Orchestra
      • 7th graders who are not in the GMP program = Intermediate Orchestra
      • 8th graders AND 7th grade GMP (only) = Advanced Orchestra

      By August 24, every student should have a district provided Chromebook device and be able to get started in their classes. We will start orchestra classes in real time via WebEx meetings on August 24 so have your instrument ready to play, including needed supplies (reeds, cleaning supplies, valve oil, etc). Please click on your orchestra class to the left for the supply list for your class.

    • Orchestra Parents: Please pay ALL orchestra fees through MySchoolBucks this year, to the best of your ability. This will be the main form of payment this year as we are trying to reduce the exchange of checks and cash. Please read the attachment for how to set up an account and use MySchoolBucks, if you have not set up an account in the past. 

      MySchoolBucks Guide