• Welcome back, Sabin Orchestra students! 

    I'm excited for a great year of music making with all of you! Below is the supply list for orchestra class. You can buy these items at any local music store (listed in the instrument rental section to your left). All students will pay the orchestra fee of $15 through MySchoolBucks and receive their orchestra book that we will use this year. 

    If you are renting a school instrument from Sabin this year, please fill out this form online. The return date for the instrument is 5/20/21. The supplies included (for question #11) are a bow and case.

    Orchestra Supply List
    Violin & Viola - Shoulder rest or sponge, rosin, polishing cloth
    Cello & String Bass - rock stop, rosin, polishing cloth

    Method Book - String Basics Book 2
                            * 8th grade students who have mastered book 2 or who test out will be assigned the next level book at a later date. 

    Optional (but highly recommended) supplies - music stand, tuner