• Welcome to the Sabin Orchestra Program!
    If you haven't signed up for orchestra yet, there's still time! Send an email to elisabeth.canuel@d11.org or call (719) 328-7590 and we will get you enrolled!

    There are two class available for 6th grade students:

    • Beginning Orchestra: For brand new beginners who want to get started with orchestra for the first time. No experience is necessary.
    • Intermediate Orchestra: For those who played the same instrument in elementary school.

    Remember to check the 'Instrument Rental & Supply Info' tab to find out what you will need in order to participate in orchestra this year. 

    If you are not sure which instrument you would like to play, check out the video links below. You will be able to watch a video demonstrating each instrument that we use in orchestra. Visit a local music store and try out the instruments in person. This will give you the best idea of which instrument you might like to play and you will find out what sized instrument you need. If you are unable to do that, let me know and I can help you try out some instruments at school. 

    We are going to have so much fun learning all kinds of new things in orchestra class this year! What will you be most excited to learn?