The Board of Education of School District 11 approves all learning resources (textbooks and related classroom materials) pursuant to Colorado State Statute C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1) (t).

    In order for  courses to be approved for use in District 11 they must go through the Instructional Material and Course Approval Process (Policy IJJ/Procedures IJJR). Using only approved courses protects each teacher and administrator should a parent or community member inquire about courses offered. Through this policy, each course  request provided must progress as follows:

    1. Course Identified and Reviewed at School Level
      • Any District 11 employee can identify a course that he or she would like to go through the process. First, check to see if the course is in the Secondary Course Catalog. Anyone wishing to submit courses must notify the content facilitator in writing by the date outlined (see Board Submission Timeline ) Facilitators will provides needed request formsas needed.  All request forms must be approved by the department chairperson and/or building principal.
    • Anyone wishing to delete or make changes to a course (title, description, credit type) must notify the content facilitator in writing by the date outlined (see approval timeline) who will provide a  Request for Change of Existing Course Formand/or a Request for Deletion of Existing Course Form.
    • Submit the course forms by the deadline in addition to copies of the course syllabus and content material if applicable. The requestor will arrange a plan on how to submit these items.  All requests must begin with the Content Facilitator first, please do not submit requests to the Director or Deputy Superintendent without the Content Facilitator signature.
    1. Course Reviewed by Content Area Facilitator
    • The content area facilitator will review the  course, check for completeness and may preliminarily approve the submission. The content area facilitator will then submit the completed forms, course syllabus and learning materials to the Executive Dorector for School Leadership (EDSL). Once the EDSL approves the submission it will be routed for final signature as applicable.
    1. Resources Reviewed by Acheivement. Learning and Leadership Leaders Curriculum Director and/or Committee 
    • The Deputy Superintendent of Achievement, Learning, & Leadership or their designee (Director of Curriculum & Instruction) is responsible for final review of all courses submitted to the Board for official approval. 
    1. Courses Reviewed by Public
    • Courses approved through the process are available for public review for one-week prior to submission for Board Approval.
    • Public notice of the  course review is posted online at D11.org, via Channel 16 commercials, and D11 Loop.
    • Parents, community members, and staff may review the items online at d11.org and use the Citizens Review Form to record their comments.
    • All comments will become public record.
    1. Resources Approved by Board
    • Public comments are included with approval recommendations, and presented to the Board.
    • The Board will take action on the recommendation from the review process, and the approved items will be added toSecondary Course Catalog
    1. Funding Request
    • Submit the Funding Request to the Office of Achievement, Learning, & Leadership for processing.
    1. Registering Courses with NCAA
    • Curriculum & Instruction submits new courses and course change information to the NCAA (ncaa.org) after board approval.
    • NCAA will review the course documentation and respond directly to Curriculum & Instruction with its decision.
    • The Content Facilitator will coordinate all appeals to the NCAA for unapproved courses.



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