The Colorado School Attendance Law is compulsory.  Students are required by law to be in attendance either in person or remotely for a minimum of 1056 hours per school year. Students are expected to be in attendance unless they are ill or have family emergencies.  Pre-arranged absences for essential appointments or family concerns are possible, but parents are encouraged to schedule all appointments and trips outside of school hours.  Students are responsible for attending and participating in the instructional program including during remote learning. If the parents and/or students fail to follow through on their responsibilities, written notification from the district administrative staff will be given with referral to the juvenile court system for civil action.

    For academic success, every student is encouraged to have regular attendance at Holmes Middle School.  Attendance is also a high priority at school because it is a life-long requirement for future ambitions and careers.  Absence for any reason affects both individual student progress and instruction of the class as a whole.  Therefore, absences should be kept to a minimum. As required by the Board of Education, we will follow D11’s policies regarding make -up work for absences.

    Absences will affect a student’s Habits of Work HOW scoring.


    If a student is going to miss live instruction, parents should follow the normal attendance reporting procedure by contacting our attendance secretary, Cathy Creapo, at 719-328-3813 before or during the day of the absence(s) stating the reason their student is not attending school that day. If a student is absent from live instruction and parents do not report the absence before or during the day of the absence(s), the student will be marked Absent by that period’s teacher. Parents have up to 48 hours to contact our attendance secretary to report the absence.


    Holmes shall keep a record of absences based upon the following classifications:

    Unexcused Absences (A)… Any unexcused absence shall be considered as “truant.”  Truancies will be counted toward a student’s declaration as “habitually truant,” as defined in BOE file JH & JH-R.

    Excused Absences (E) Any absence that is excused by a parent or guardian within 48 hour of an absence. Some absences may require documentation to be excused, especially if the student has had numerous absences from school.

    Prearranged Absence (P) any time a student is knowingly going to be absent for 3 days or more parents must contact the Attendance Office and prearrange the absence. This should be done at least several days prior to the start of the absence, if possible.


    Students who miss excessive amounts of school will be contacted by one of the Assistant Principals or other school personnel to ascertain if there is a concern in which the school may be of help. Parents will receive a letter updating them on the number of absences their student has had when the number of absences exceeds four unexcused absences per month or ten per year, or when excused absences become excessive. Students may be deemed as Habitually Truant or Chronically Absent and will be required to provide a doctor’s excuses in order to have additional absences excused. Students may be placed on attendance contracts and/or behavior plans, or be taken to attendance hearings. We know you realize that regular attendance is a very important factor in academic success and that you will encourage your child to attend school regularly.


    Students who choose to not attend school, skip class, or do not have excused absences excused will be considered truant. Students who are found to be skipping will receive discipline.

    Students who accrue 4 days of unexcused absences in a month or 10 days in a year will be identified as Habitually Truant.