All students receive a district provided device (Chromebook) to be used as their primary learning tool. It is the responsibility of the student to have their device with them daily to optimize their learning.

    Care for your district provided device should include nightly plug-in. Student should safely store and carry device to include the charger. There should be no personalization (stickers, writing on, or etching) of a district provided device. Student may personalize a device cover if they have purchased one for their district provided device.

    Student Electronic Agreement Letter


    While utilizing Webex during live instruction students are expected to have their camera turned on and microphone muted until you are called upon or if you have a question. Your learning location and attire should be appropriate for public viewing. Participation during live instruction will support your HOW score.

    Schoology expectations are to log onto your account daily. Student should complete class assignments, discussions and/or exit tickets daily. All typed responses should be in proper grammar and not in text format. Discussion posts and uploaded pictures should be school appropriate. Schoology should never be used as a social media platform.

    Students should check email daily and reply to all teacher communication within a 24-hour period.

    Office 365 will be the one stop shop for every student’s email, document creation, document storage, notetaking, PowerPoint, and Calendar. All student work will be saved to the cloud via Office 365. Students are expected to appropriately title each document, per teacher guidelines. (Never leave a document with the generic given title. You and your teacher will not know what it contains.) Make sure to use folders and subfolders to organize your documents to make it easier to find them when needed.