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    Survival Skills for High School is a course taken by all new Bijou students during their first quarter in our school. Its purpose is to empower students with the necessary skills to succeed in all of their classes and in their post-secondary pursuits in college or higher education. The course is broken into the following units, each focused on developing concrete, applicable skills:

    • Accessing Resources & Building Know-How
    • Everything is Figure-Out-Able
    • Intentionally Cultivating a Learner's Mindset & Perspective
    • Developing Information Literacy
    • Practicing All or Something Perserverance
    • Communicating Effectively & Appropriately
    • Practing Metacognition & Self-Reflection
    • Using Feedback to Strengthen Skills

    Bijou students are FIRED UP! They:

    • focus on their academic achievement
    • imagine their academic growth
    • show respect through engagement
    • are empowered with postsecondary and workforce readiness
    • are determined to find their unique potential


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