• Homework and Practice

    The staff at Holmes still adheres to the Board of Education policy that recognizes the importance of encouraging homework as part of the learning activities initiated in the classroom. Homework serves a valid purpose because it provides practice in needed skills, enriches and extends the school experience, develops responsibility, and brings students in contact with out-of-school learning resources. In addition, “homework and practice” has a strong correlation with student achievement. It is important to note that not all pieces of student work and practice will receive a grade. Often, during the process of learning, a student will be provided only feedback that is intended to guide his/her academic and skill development before receiving a more accurate final/summative grade.

    Late Work If a student misses a due date, it is still expected that the work is completed to the best of his/her ability and turned in to the teacher as timely as possible. Late work still receives full credit for purposes of an academic grade that provides accurate documentation of student learning and the development of academic competency. However, it must be realized that missing due dates will have a significantly negative impact on the student’s grade for Habits of Work.

    Attendance and Make-up Work Every student is encouraged to have regular attendance at Holmes Middle School. Attendance is a high priority at school because it is a life-long requirement for future ambitions and careers. Absence for any reason affects both individual student progress and instruction of the class as a whole. Therefore, absences should be kept to a minimum. Whenever a student is absent from school, the student will be given the opportunity to make up work. For “Pre-arranged Absences” or work assigned before the absence is due upon return. When the student returns, he/she should take responsibility to clarify with the teacher what work needs to be made up. Likewise, during absences, students and parents can access Schoology for assignments, lessons, and resources.