• Holmes will begin the year with Remote teaching and learning through first quarter, ending October 15. Students will begin their day at 8:45am logging into Schoology, going to their 1st period course and clicking on the Webex link for their live instruction. They will then follow their schedule throughout the day, logging into Webex live instruction links in each of their Schoology courses.

    Parent and Guardian Support Suggestions:

    1. Create a learning space for your student in your home.

    2. Ensure your student is up, dressed and ready for school by 8:45am. Remember consistencey is critical for our collective success.

    3. Remind your student to charge their device and have it ready for school each day.

    4. Set-up your Schoology and your preferred notifications (how-to in later module). Use this to check student progress, assignments and grades.

    5. Set-up your D11 Loop messages and ParentConnect account (how-to found in later module) to recieve updates from Holmes and D11.

    Student Expectations: For more detailed explanation of student conduct and expecations, see the student handbook.

    1.Wake-up and get ready for your day--dress as if you were getting dressed to go to school.

    2.Follow your schedule daily by logging into Schoology and connecting to Webex meetings.

    3. Complete assignments.

    4. Use D11 email daily.

    5. Create and store documents in Office 365.  

    6. Make sure your device is charged daily.