• D11 Loop also known as Blackboard 

    Blackboard mass email and text messages will be one of the best ways for you to stay current on Holmes notifications regarding everything happening at Holmes including absence notifications, athletic events, school delays etc. It is also a quick way for us to notify you regarding bus delays, early school closures due to weather to name a few.  This is why its so important to ensure we have your current phone and email information in our database.  


    • D11 Loop notifications are sent based on user account information and delivery preferences, users must login to the D11 Loop/Blackboard and update their accounts. 
    • Log into https://d11.parentlink.net 
    • Parent login – Parent Connection login and password 
    • Student Login – Student Connection login and password 
    • Once logged in, click on Account in the upper right-hand corner.  On the Account Information tab, verify the contact information is correct.  To set your addresses for notifications, select Add in the Delivery Addresses section and choose the type of address to add to the account: 
    • Opt into recieving Text/SMS by providing your phone number 
    • Email address 
    • You can update Delivery Address information for any record.  If you have no edits, the information we have on file for you via registration or Parent Connect that resides in our database will be automatically pulled into the Send feature on the D11 Loop/Blackboard emails.  Select Save when finished. 
    •  After verifying the Delivery Addresses are correct, click on the Delivery Preferences tab to choose where notifications are sent.  All Weather Notifications are sent as Other and can be activated by clicking on the desired icons.  When you click on the text, phone and email icons, it will expand to show the available contact numbers or addresses.  You can then select or clear each option listed under that delivery method. Please note that due to the early hour, morning delay and closure notifications will not be sent out via phone messages.