Feedback from our families, students and staff was very clear from the Spring semester: there were too many options…too many different platforms for everything. We heard and we responded.


    Schoology Enterprise is THE learning management system for District 11.

    Schoology Enterprise is the portal for all learning for Kindergarten – 12th grades.


    Why Schoology?

    • Schoology is part of the larger PowerSchool system. It is one of the first modules of the comprehensive School Management System project.
    • Allows students to interact in a dynamic, digital online learning environment anytime, anywhere.
    • Allows educators to save time and paper by facilitating instruction in an online platform.
    • Provides a space for collaboration amongst colleagues.
    • Provides the opportunity to create and share resources.
    • Allows for an easy place to communicate to your school community.
    • Allows access to professional learning courses and curriculum in one place.
    • Connects to the Professional Learning system within D11.


    What professional learning is available for Staff?

    All staff will have access to the D11 Ultimate Guide to Schoology Course beginning August 3. Registration for each school will take place via Professional Learning’s new platform. Please watch for specific and detailed information coming very soon!


    Click HERE to see our FAQ page, which is being updated often as new questions arise. 


    If you need help logging in please contact your LTE.