• Bijou Links and Log in

    Posted by KATHRYN ORZECHOWSKIPRICE on 8/18/2020


              Go to D11.org

              Choose “Students”

              Click on the Schoology icon (“S” in the middle of a blue/black circle)

              Enter your user name which is your D11 email (firstname.lastname@d11.org)

              Your Password is D11 password given to you when you picked up your D11 computer

              Choose “Courses” on top blue ribbon when Scoology opens

              Read any class announcements

              Choose “materials” as this is where all the class assignments are listed



    Option 1:

              Read email and copy the meeting ID and password                

    Click on the green “Join Meeting” button in the email invitation

    At the bottom of the screen is a row of circles – move your cursor over the bottom of the screen, if the circles are not visible.  They will become visible.

    Left side: Turn on your microphone (gray circle), so that the teacher and class can hear you

    When you mute (orange circle), no one can hear you

    Second from left: Allow the use of computer camera

    – camera on (gray) camera off (orange)

    Circles left to right

              Microphone gray on, orange Muted

              Camera gray on, orange off

              Share – only click on this if teacher asks you to

              Record – meeting will be recorded

              Participants shows who is present

              Chat – turns blue when on and shows up in a column on the right side of the screen

              X – orange – click to leave the meeting.  If you click on this accidentally, rejoin the class again.


    Option 2:

    • Go to D11.org
    • Choose “Students”
    • You can download the app to your computer, then a calendar list will show on your computer screen.
    • If you have a WebEx schedule that comes up, you can click on the link directly from that window.
    • Sign in – D11 email address (lastname@d11.org)
    • Look at upcoming classes carefully, as you will likely have more than one each day.
    • Click on join meeting to enter the class
    • Adjust microphone and camera settings – on when enter, mute and off to protect bandwidth
    • See circles on Option 1


    Office 365

    • Go to D11.org
    • Choose “Students”
    • Click on Office 365
    • User name is D11 email (lastname@d11.org)
    • Password is the student’s individually assigned D11 password
    • List of Icons appears – all work autosaves to OneDrive every 5 min
      • Outlook – where to view your d11 emails
      • OneDrive – online cloud storage for your documents
      • Word – typing all your papers
      • Excel – spreadsheets
      • PowerPoint – presentations
      • OneNote – for some classes using Teams
      • SharePoint – background storage place
      • Teams – groups meeting together, check with your teacher
      • Class Notebook – teacher option to put in resources
      • Sway – easier presentation tool
      • Forms – quizzes and survey tool
    • To move from one to the other, click on the Waffle (9 dots in a square) in the top left part of the page
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  • Log into Schoology

    Posted by KATHRYN ORZECHOWSKIPRICE on 8/13/2020

    For all assignments please go to d11.schoology.com and sign in. 

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