• Weekly Concept: It’s time for 4th Grade 

    Essential Question: How much have you grown and changed during your 3rd grade year? 


    Dear Students, 

    In just over a week you will be a class of 4th graders!  You should be very proud of all your hard work and accomplishments this year.  I know the end of this year has not been easy, so I thought we should focus on having some fun while we wrap up this year!  This week I would like you each to focus on remembering the amazing year.  We will spend this week’s lessons on positive memories. To begin, I’d like you to think about your 3rd grade year, your upcoming summer, and what you’re most excited for 4th grade and create some creative cartoons and graphic novels with your writing.  Your math lessons will be a combination of fun activities that will let you practice some of the skills you learned this year.  For reading, I would like to challenge each one of you to take one last AR test.  Also, there will be NO science of social studies.  Instead, I created a class yearbook signing padlet page!  This week I would like you to go to each page at least once and sign each other’s padlet page with a special message to each of your classmates. By Friday, each one of you will also have a special message from me on your padlet page.  You will have these to look at online all summer, and you can print a copy to keep forever. 


    WebEX this week: There will be no Friday afternoon webex meeting. I have set one up for Thursday May 14th at 3pm and will email the invitation to the meeting. 



    • Math: FractionsSecretCodeWorksheets.pdf 
    • Reading: Today I would like you to find a quiet spot with your favorite book and read as long as you’d like.  You do not need to time yourself or try to make a goal, I just want you to enjoy reading.  The book you chose can be a new book, or a book you’ve read before, but remember to enjoy whatever you chose! 
    • Writing: This week you will create your very own graphic novels!  I have created a Pixton account for each one of you.  Pixton is an online graphic novel website.  You can find your individual login username and a link to our class Pixton at the bottom of this page. Today, I would like for you to login to your Pixton account, create your own avatar, and play around with the website.  If you are eager to get started and make a comic, try making one about your favorite day of 3rd grade!  I would love to see which part of 3rd grade was your favorite. Don’t forget to share these on Pixton 
    • Padlet:  End of year padlet  Today, try to visit 5-7  of these sites and post something kind about each person.  You can share a memory, a picture, a funny (school appropriate) meme, or just tell your friend how much they mean to you.  Please try to sign EVERY classmates padlet throughout the week. 



    • Math: Math color puzzle.pdf 
    • Reading: Today I would like you to try to find a new E-book on the Chipeta website and explore something new!  This can be a short book that you finish today, or a chapter book you read throughout the next few weeks, but I encourage you to try a new genre or style of book.  Experiencing new books will help you grow and learn. 
    • Writing: For writing today I would like for you to write a graphic novel about what excites you most for 4th grade.  This can be as short or as long as you would like.  I would love to share these with your upcoming 4th grade teachers so feel free to add details about yourself that you would like them to know!  
    • Padlet:  Continue to write on your classmates padlet pages.  Remember all the wonderful memories we have had and send some words of encouragement to each other! 



    • Math: math riddles.pdf 
    • Reading: Today I would like for you to try reading aloud!  You can read to a sibling, a parent, a pet, a stuffed animal, or all alone, but I encourage you to pick a book and practice your fluency.  
    • Writing: Today is a free choice day! You can write about anything that makes your heart happy.  This can be a fiction or nonfiction story.  Need some ideas?  Try writing about your favorite vacation, a scary moment, your last birthday, or simply a time that you couldn’t stop laughing.  Enjoy a day of creativity!  
    • Padlet:  Make sure to get to every classmate by tomorrow!  I am sure they cannot wait to read your kind words. 



    • Math: LogicPuzzle.doc 
    • Reading: Today you have free choice in what you chose to do for reading.  My suggestion is for you to find a quiet spot with a good book and read as long as it makes you happy.  Find the joy in reading today and everyday.  
    • Writing: Today I would like for you to write a comic about the future YOU! Pretend you are a grown up and write a comic that tells about your day.  What car do you drive? What job do you have?  What do you do with your day?  Dream BIG! This is your future and the world is yours.  
    • Padlet:  Be sure to finish writing on any padlet you did not get to earlier in the week.  Remember, this is a fun way for your classmates to remember how much we mean to each other so please try to write on everyone’s page. 


    Pixton Graphic Novel Login: Use the following link and your own username to login.  There are no passwords, but you must use our class link to connect to our class. This is also the basic version so note that there are many expressions or scenes that cannot be unlocked without purchasing. That being said it was still a really fun program to create a comic. 


    You will find your login here: Pixton logins  (Please note Meg in the class is my daughter who was my guinea pig for setting up the site) 

    • Optional Activities: Are you still looking for something to do? Check out these sites below: