• Keith Haring Inspired Figure

    My very good friend teaches art in China and her students made a piece of art inspired by the bold figures of Keith Haring. They have been doing distance learning for about 14 weeks now!  Along with creating colorful figures, the purpose of their piece was to tell a story about how they were feeling through this whole process of being quarantined at home. These images are created by 2nd graders and you will see they have quite a bit of talent!  They asked their art teacher if she could share their work with other students. They want us to know to stay positive through all of this and that making art has helped them express their feelings. They want us to stay safe and healthy.

    First A Bit About Keith Haring

    Keith Haring spent a lot of him time creating public works, which often carried social and political messages.  In the early 1980s he used white chalk to draw on these large black billboard signs in the subways of New York City. People would stop and watch him, like it was a performance.  Many were very curious and always asked him what the drawings meant. The feedbak he recieved from his subway drawings and street graffiti from viewers inspired him to keep going. Haring started making bright and boldly colored paintings that he would sell so he could just spend time making art. His art become very popular in the art world and is still very much admired today. 

    What do you think is the meaning behind his art?

    subway art subway art


    mural colorful figures



    To learn more about Haring and his art, go to this super fun website.  haring kids.com


    Student Artwork From The American International School of Guangzhou



    student art  student art   student art student art   student art  student art


    student art  student art   student art

    student art   student art


    How do these pieces make you feel?  Is there one that you want to respond to?  Email your responses to me or email comments that you might have for any of these students. Describe the picture for me and explain how it makes you feel or what you like about it.  niemese@d11.org 

    Does Keith Haring's art and these students inspire you to make a picture about how you are feeling right now?  Maybe it is about missing your friends or school, about being home or about doing your best to stay healthy.  Use Keith Haring's style if you like or any style of art that you enjoy. Use any medium (art supplies) that you want.  Maybe you could even make a 3D piece!  If you email a picture of your finished work to me, I will send it to my friend who will share with her art students so they can respond to YOUR artwork! It would be so cool for you to share artwork with each other!