• Holmes Parents, Guardians, Students, and Staff 

    This is a follow-up email reminding students and families of important dates and times for the end of this school year.

    I have also included further details for the Locker Clean-out and School Material return process.

    Distance Learning:

    Students should continue and are encouraged to engage in distance learning through the end of the school year, May 22nd.  

    May 15: Teachers' final day for assigning new material - tests, projects, quizzes, etc. All distance learning activities will be culminating and due May 19-22. Holmes staff will continue to support and provide feedback to students through the 22nd.

    May 19-22: Holmes staff are available via appointment, email, and phone call in order to assist and provide feedback on final learning activities. Pre-scheduled Live instruction and Office hours will not occur on these days. 

    May 22: Last day of school, and last opportunity to turn-in 4th quarter work.

    Returning School Material and Locker / Personal Belonging Clean-out:

    Materials that need to be returned include, but are not limited to: text books, library books, books borrowed from teachers, athletic uniforms, and band and orchestra instruments. 

    Students will have access to their locker to collect personal belongings and identify school property that needs to be returned. 

    At the end of the material return and locker clean-out process, we will distribute Yearbooks, 8th grade continuation certificates and pictures, and any personal belongings and / or projects left in academic classrooms. 

    In order to coordinate school material return and locker / personal belonging clean-out, we will adhere to all state and district mandated social distancing guidelines. Our primary goal is to minimize and mitigate potential spread and exposure of the COVID-19 virus. Parents may bring students to the scheduled pick up / return day, but only the student will be allowed inside the school building.  Non-Holmes siblings and family members will not be permitted into the building.

    Procedure that will be followed:

    1. Students are provided a specific time to complete this process. Please make every attempt to attend only during that time - refer to the schedule at the end of this email. Attend the Make-up time if this schedule does not work.
    2. Families with more than one Holmes student are encouraged to attend one of their designated times and bring all of their Holmes students.
    3. Students must provide their own face mask and wear it all times.
    4. Students must provide their own backpack, bags, or garbage bags to collect their personal belongings. 
    5. Parents and non-Holmes siblings will not be allowed in the school, please stay in your car in the main parking lot while your Holmes student completes the process.
    6. This is not a social gathering and we will have escorts ensuring students maintain 6 foot distancing requirements.
    7. Upon arrival, students will line up on 6 foot distancing markers outside of the building at the designated entrances.
    8. Students will be allowed to enter the building once a staff escort has directed them to do so.
    9. Only five students and five escorts (10 total) will be in the building at a given time.
    10. Escorts will provide opportunity to return Holmes materials and work from Distance Learning, and clean-out personal belongings from lockers, PE lockers, exploratory classrooms, and lost and found as needed. Escorts will have locker and PE locker keys so students do not have to know their combinations.
    11. After materials are returned and personal belongings are collected, escorts will ensure students receive, where appropriate: Yearbooks, 8th Grade continuation certificates and photos, Personal belongings left in building A classrooms, Gifts from Hawk Time teacher, and Athletic payment refunds.
    12. Students will then be directed to leave campus via the main parking lot.
    13. We are planning and anticipating time in building to return materials and collect belongings to be 10-15 minutes. With wait times for entering the building, families should plan on @90 minutes from start to finish.

    Yearbook Information:

    In order to receive a Yearbook at the check-out, it must have been purchased by the day before completing the Material Return and Locker Clean-out process. Payment will not be collected the day of. 

    Yearbook purchases can be made through this link:


    Assigned Pick up / Return Time Schedule

    8th Grade, May 19th

    1. 9:00-10:30, Students Last Name A-G
    2. 10:40-12:10, Students Last Name H-N
    3. 12:20-1:50, Students Last Name O-T
    4. 2:00-3:30, Students Last Name U-Z

    7th Grade, May 20th

    1. 9:00-10:30, Students Last Name A-G
    2. 10:40-12:10, Students Last Name H-N
    3. 12:20-1:50, Students Last Name O-T
    4. 2:00-3:30, Students Last Name U-Z

    6th Grade, May 21st

    1. 9:00-10:30, Students Last Name A-G
    2. 10:40-12:10, Students Last Name H-N
    3. 12:20-1:50, Students Last Name O-T
    4. 2:00-3:30, Students Last Name U-Z

    All Grade Make-up, 5:30pm-7:00pm, May 21st

    Thank you for you support with our school year close-out plans and procedures.


    Tony Karr, Principal