Click Here for: EMERGENCY FAMILY ASSISTANCE RESOURCES in addition to the ones listed below:



    Rental Assistance for Families

    Here is a link where families can apply for rental assistance. They said there is over 54 million dollars in the fund and people need to apply. Please share with anyone who you think would benefit from this assistance. There is additional information around housing related to COVID. - Mia Trujillo, Pathways Support Specialist, Joint Initiatives for Youth & Families





    Parenting Support Through COVID - See attachment


    Free parent facing event that is being offered by Scott Cypers and his colleagues at the Johnson Stress and Depression Center.  Last year during the initial lockdown, they offered a series of free parent facing events to support parents with tips, tricks and guidance for helping kids facing anxiety during the pandemic that was fantastic and this event is the one year anniversary continuation of this work. - Aaron Ragon, Lead Counselor, DCSD