It's going to be a beautiful, sunny week! Get outside and learn about sunlight and shadows. Choose your favorite toys and line them up on a paper.  Trace them with whatever materials you choose. It's kind of like creating your own coloring pages!  If you leave the toy with the paper taped to the ground for a couple of hours, come back to see how the sun and shadows have moved. Here are my boys tracing their action figures. 

    toy shadow art  shadow drawing poses Transformer tracing


    Finished gestures    Transformer Jet

     "Jumping Men" by Shea                                               "Transformer Jet" by Jackson



    Click on the link below for some fun art ideas that are made out of recycled materials! 





    My freind, Tiffany and Art Teacher at Twain Elementary gave me these fabulous Dictionary Art pieces many years ago for my son's room.  I have taught lessons based on them.  Ask an adult if they have an old dictionary they don't mind you taking a page out of OR you could use a newspaper or magazine.  Fine a word or phrase in the writing and circle it and illustrate that word on the page using whatever materials you have available.  If you use a dictionary page, PLEASE make sure it's okay with an adult.  These examples were made with colored pencils.  By blending the colors, it looks more realistic. What background could you add?  I like how part of the fish's background is left without color. It makes it look like the fish is moving in water.  Sorry about the sideways pictures! :-) 


    dictionary page dictionary page

    By Tiffany Holbrook


    5th grade examples