Found Object Drawing
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    Sculpture Scavenger Hunt

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    No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bags


    T-shirt Tote bags



    -Old T-shirt (Make sure you check with an adult first to make sure it's okay to use the shirt you picked)

    -Scissors (fabric scissors work best)

    -Permanent markers if you want to add your own decorations.



    cutting sleeves and neck of t-shirt off


    Cut off the sleeves and neck of the tshirt.  It now looks like a tank top.



    Draw a line at bottom


    Turn tank inside out and draw a line about 4 inches from the bottom of the t-shirt tank.



    Cut the fringe with scissors by cutting slits from the bottom of the shirt up to the line making the bottom of your bag.  Cut both the front and back layers of the fabric so they match up. The strips should be about 3/4 of an inch to an inch wide. 


    tie the fringe

    Tie the fringe together by taking the first two strips that match front and back to the strips to the right. Keep tying two more pairs together until you get to the end of the fringe slits on the right.  If you lift up the bag, you will see that there are holes between each pair.  The next step will close the holes. 


    tie again

    Next, we tied the second strips in a knot with the ones to the right of it, which makes the holes close up. Keep moving to the right and tie the next set of strands together. Turn your bag inside out again and you have your new tote bag! 


    Decorate your new bag if you wish. You could also choose to not turn the bag inside out again and have the fringe be a part of your bag decoration. Have fun!!

    finished tote















    Earth Day is April 22nd! Let's celebrate the 50th year anniversary by creating some Earth Art outside with inspiration from the artist, Andy Goldsworthy.  Check it out and share your pictures with me! 

    Thanks so much for sharing your video with us, Julie Vassar!! Julie is a good friend of mine who teaches art at Stratton Elementary. 





    Check out how this designer creates art out of objects that can be found around the house.  Super cool! Does this give you any ideas?


    everyday object design