• Calling all Parents and Students!

    Welcome to the Quarantine Games! 

    • From this website you will find all P.E. assignments for grades K-5. It is here where all classes will become teams and compete against each other. Watch out Cougars! Not only will you compete against other classes but you will compete against teachers AND parents as both have created teams in the Quarantine Games!
    • Below is a choice board of various activites from dance to cross-fit, challenges against Coach Lindsey and even a little wacky, fun games to be completed. Each week new activities will be added to choice board.
    • Keep track of any minutes you exercise by clicking on the link below to help your team become the top Cougars of the school.
    • Minutes will be displayed on this website to show your progress against the entire school.
    • Continue to log in your minutes each time until Coach Lindsey annouces the challenge is over.

    Do you have what it takes to be a Carver Cougar Champion? I'll see YOU at the top!


    Leaders as of Friday May 15th at 6:20 am

    Carver Staff : 3,842 minutes

    Team Gonzalez: 915 minutes

    Team Rivera: 597 minutes

    Team Bohn: 370 minutes

    Team Onkle: 335 minutes

    Team Woost: 330 minutes

    Team Gareri: 260 minutes

    Teams M. Smith, C. Smith & Carver Family Members: 90 minutes each

    Team Abbott: 80 minutes

    Team Hollars: 70 minutes