Happy Snowy Day Steele Stars!  Here is a really cool sculpture challenge lesson created by an amazing artist and art teacher is District 12. Thanks so much, Jane Thomas for sharing your video with us!  Try to get outside and make some art!  Please share your photos with me!
    Create a piece of art of from a view outside your window.  Use any supplies that you have available and choose an interesting view from one of your windows.  You could create a pencil drawing or add color.  If you choose to use color, practice blending colors.  Do you see trees? houses? a street?  Is there a fence? Can you see the mountains?  Can you see the ground and sky? In this picture below, my son could see a landscape view.  He added the foreground, mid-ground and background to his picture.  He blended colors and also realized it would have been easier to add the trees last and put them on top of the foreground (the grassy areaa) instead of coloring around the trees. He used his oil pastel technique that he demonstrated in last week's art challenge for the sky. Go back and watch if you did not get a chance to.  
    Please share your art with me so I can add it to my website and we can see each other's views.  You could even come up with a title!  Have fun!
    Room with a View
    "Room with a View"  Shea Niemeier
    Found Object Color Wheel
    Get permission from an adult first and then find colorful objects around the house and arrange in a circle to create your own color wheel.  Use this color wheel below as your guide.  Take a picture when you are finished and have fun!
    Color Wheel
    Color Wheel of Beads     Art Supplies Color Wheel    
     More Art Supplies!      Random Objects!