As the school counselor, Ms. Kretzmar supports all Columbia students, staff, and parents in a variety of ways.  Some of these supports include:

    - Supporting the classroom, and now online, delievery of the school-wide Social Emotional Learning Curriculum.  Students are taught about Social Emotional Competencies to include: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness, and Self Awareness.

    - Running small intervention groups based on needs identified by students themselves, teachers, and parents.  These groups include: reteaching of concepts covered in the classroom that need more reinforcement and practice, Grief and Loss, Friendship, Conflict Management, Changing Families, and Anger Management to name a few. 

    Mrs. Kretzmar also supports in the following ways:

    - Conflict Mediation and Resoultion

    - Crisis Management

    - Targeted Skill Development identified through our

    - Threat and Risk Assessments

    Mrs. Kretzmar is in her 25 th year in education.  She has served as a 4-5 looping teacher, a School Counselor and a Behavior Interventionist.  She additionally supports children as a play therapist in her private practice outside of District 11.