• You can always do your PE activities from the others areas with your family.

    In this section you will find more activities you can participate in with your family. Playing as a family is AWESOME! 


  • Traditional "GO TO" Activities:

    Take a walk -  It doesn't have to be an hour long, though those are great, it could be shorter 10 minute walks a few times a day. 3 Ten Minute Walks = 30 minutes.

    Ride your bikes - So much fun and so many skills being practiced!

    Rollerblade or Skate - So fun and so great for Balance and Muscualar Endurance!

    DANCE PARTY! -  Move to any music! You don't have to be a "good" dancer, just be a FUN DANCER!

    "Simon Says" - Take turns being "Simon" and watch how fun it will get!

    Make a Family Scavenger Hunt - A scavenger hunt is all about finding items from a list in certain rooms or areas of the outdoors. It will be a blast checking off each item found or collected on the list.

    Hot Potato - You know this one gets you giggly! Use a soft ball or rolled up sock and toss it to another person quickly. Everyone repeats this. When does this game end? Who knows? Just get rid of it!

    Follow the Leader - Just follow where the leader goes! Under a table? Over a tree stump? Into the kiddie pool? Oh noooo!!!

    Hopscotch - Get a piece of chalk and draw the hopscotch design on the sidewalk or driveway

    Bocce Ball - Hours of simple fun! Played with a ball for each person and a "targetball". The "target ball" is thrown out on the lawn, and players take turns tossing their balls towards the "target". The point is to get as close to the "target" as possible, and even touching it.

    WHAT CAN YOU THINK OF TO PLAY WITH YOUR FAMILY? There are so many more activities I bet you can think of!


  • Family Dance Party!

    Use this Task Card to have a SWEET Dance Party with your family!

    Family Dance Party!

  • Blindfold Build

    This game is so fun with your famiily! You can use any household item that you can safely stack like plastic cups, small food cans, wood toy blocks, etc.

    Blindfold Build


  • Soccer Croquet

    Have fun and enjoy the giggles with your family playing this kicking game. Change the goal poses to anything you want!

    Soccer Croquet


  • Happy Bean Bag

    Have a blast and try not to laugh too hard as you play this fun game with your family. Use anything you want for the "bean bag".

    Happy Bean Bag


  • Parachute Pass

    Fun homemade parachute activities using towels. Have a blast with your family!

    Parachute Pass