Common Roles and Responsibilities

  • Simplicity should be used across all audience actions: Less is more and quality versus quantity. Goal is to be learning at home, not replicating the school schedule at home; not require all parents to be homeschool providers; and not require students and families to use multiple logins to access expectations.

    Students may...

    • Reach out to classroom teachers regularly (weekly minimum)
    • Access school site resources and district resources 
    • Share what is working or not working with your school/teacher-advocate for themselves 
    • Ask questions if they do not understand the assignments/activities 
    • Understand that learning doesn't just occur at school-opportunities to learn are everywhere 
    • Attend to calls and District 11 student email account as much as possible
    • Each day work on projects/each week share/submit what working on 
    • Set a 1x a week goal to connect with your teacher in any manner that works 
    • Set structures that work for themselves to meet family needs

    ​Families may...

    • Be willing to share what support is needed 
    • Talk to teachers and staff 
    • Support student needs to best of abilities 
    • Advocate for their child/children 
    • Give themselves grace and be forgiving because there is not one "right way"…​