Common Expectations

  • Student Attendance/Engagement in Distance Learning Opportunities

    • To fulfill our commitment to prioritize learning, it is important that students make every attempt to engage in​ distance learning beginning on April 7th and will continue through April 30th, however, D11 is making plans to the end of the school year.
    • Learning will focus on the application and transfer of previous learning to ensure mastery of the content, concepts and skills in the Colorado Academic Standards.

    Instructional Design

    All levels will ensure: 

    • Equity: The District is committed to creating an equal learning experience for students without internet connectivity and special needs within our capacity.

    • Variety: All grades and subjects will offer learning opportunities to choose from. Teachers will focus on short, compact and intentional learning segments of self-directed learning through engaging materials and clear instructions.

    • Feedback: Teachers will provide students feedback on their work at strategic points throughout distance learning. All school sites will communicate staff "office hours" or other ways to reach staff by phone, email, and virtual classroom links.

    • Learning Time: There is no expectation that students work from 8 – 3PM each day and there is no "right way", simply the way that works best for each family. Suggestions for ways to structure learning at home can be found on the Partnership Commitment page.

    • Individualized Student Planning: Teachers and interventionists will collaborate on students learning, and will participate in relevant student meetings, to include IEP meetings.

    • Grading: Knowing that not all students will have equal access to all learning opportunities, all evaluation will be given through timely feedback, reflection and suggestions for improvement based on what students are able to complete. All grades will be used to improve their current grade and will not be used to lower their current grades. This is to ensure students are not penalized for this unique situation which is out of their control. Teachers will share the specific grading ​practices with their students. Each site will communicate their specific schedule.​

      • ​All teachers will continue to enter Q4 assignments, grades and evaluations of skills and then post 4th quarter as normal.  The goal being that a student can improve on their Q3 grade but at the end of Q4 they cannot have a grade less than their final Q3 grade.

      •  Q3 is a part of history now so comparison data can be pulled from Q3 to Q4 to verify that no student received a reduced mark.​​

      • Teachers should share their grading practices with students in the same way they always share expectations.