• Here are items you have at home that you can turn into Physical Education equipment!

    Click here for the At Home PE Equipment Alternatives List

    Some more ideas that are not on the above list:

    Targets for Rolling or Throwing targets- Recycled 2 liter (or smaller) bottles, shampoo or soap bottles.

    Goals - Boxes or laundry baskets work for soccer, hockey, lacrosse, etc. goals as well.

    Hockey stick - brooms or any log objects.

    Bean bag - A ziplock bag filled with rice, sand, sugar or anything to give it weight.

    Volleying - Blow into larger ziplock for an object to volley back and forth.

    To make a ball:
    *a pair of socks balled up
    *two plastic grocery bags: ball up one, stuff it into the corner of the second, twist, squeezing air out, wrap bag around the “ball” and twist again until you have just the handles sticking up. Tuck one handle in and use the other to wrap around and secure your ball
    *use the free newspaper that’s delivered–take out two sheets and crumple into a ball; shove into the bottom of the plastic bag; get the air out, twist the bag and, sticking your hand into the bag, grab the ball, pulling the bag around again; repeat, squeezing air out, twisting and wrapping until you have only a couple inches of the bag left. Twist and tie a knot to secure the end.