• Email

    Email Instructions:


    All students in D11 have an email account through Microsoft Office 365.  I’d like to challenge each student to log into their email account (parents, this is a great learning opportunity so please try to show your student, and try to avoid doing the task for them).  

    From the Chipeta Website, students can find the Office 365 icon in the BLACK box on the right hand side of the screen.  

    Click on Office 365. 

    Email addresses all follow the same pattern:

    firstname.lastname@d11.org --- if your child has a nickname, they need to use their actual real first name --- example: I go by Kathy but my email address starts with Katherine

    Passwords are the same password students have memorized for AR testing and computer log-in. If your child cannot remember their username and password, please email me and I can look it up.


    How to Write an Email:

    Please watch this video to learn about how to properly construct an email. https://medial.d11.org/Play/5250 If you have any questions or concerns after watching the video, please send me an email at katherine.wiafe@d11.org 



    Padlet Instructions:

    Watch this video to learn how to add to a Padlet: https://medial.d11.org/Play/5288

    The link to the weekly project Padlet will be on the weekly assignments page and in the email to families.