Charlette Manuel: Thank you for submitting your joke to my survey Charlette, I almost shot milk out of my nose!!! :)

              Joke: What is brown and stickey?

              Anwser: CLICK HERE

    Mileia Portee: Thank you, I totally get it! LOL! :)

              Joke: What did the man say with the mustache?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Payton Alexis Sevigny: I wonder how many people will not get this? I totally understand it! LOL :)

              Joke: What did the zero say to the eight?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Evie Graves: YES! A P.E. joke, I love it!!! LOL :)

              Joke: Why did Cinderella get thrown off the basketball team?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Connor Podobnick: I laughed so hard, my belly Mooooved! LOL :)

              Joke: How do you count cows?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Alec Moody: My first thought was YUCK, then I read the answer! LOL :)

              Joke: Why is the basketball always wet?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Gwenyth Vasquez: A political joke... Can I post it? Ahhh what the heck! lol :)

              Joke: Why can’t the soldiers of Donald Trump say, “Donald watch out?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Kaitlin McNeil: Oooooo a Sci Fi Joke. I think only you and I are gonna understand this one! LOL :)

              Joke: Knock Knock....Who's There... Dr. Who... 

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Kelsie McKey: This one is for all teachers out there who can't keep them alert... LOL :)

              Joke: TEACHER: I really wish you could pay a little attention in class!!!

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Adrianna Davis: Mail carriers everywhere are cringing at this one!!! I love it! LOL :)

              Joke: What did the mail carrier say when they could not get into the mail box?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Natalie Marin: All I have to say is Ewwww! LOL

              Joke: How do you make a tissue dance?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Dominic Vigil: Banana jokes are always super applealing! LOL :)

              Joke: Why did the banana go to the doctor?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Alexander Pittman-Sellers: This is the ultimate dad joke! LOL!

              Joke: What happened to the dog when the child dumped spot remover on him?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    My Sister Laura- Booger jokes are the best! LOL :)

              Joke: What is the difference between boogers and broccoli? hmmm both are green... both can be slimy... 

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Kayden Sansbury- The first thing I thought of when I heard this joke, was how cool it would be to be invisible! :)

              Joke: Why did the invisible man quit his job at the mirror factory?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Hayley Padilla- This joke totally set me up.. I was thinking Physical Education! lol

              Joke: What starts with a P. ends with an E. AND has a zillion letters in it? 

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Adrianna Davis- I seriously had dinner, so I will have to say no to the dessert as well! ;)

              Joke: Why did the Teddy Bear say NO to dessert?

              Answer: CLICK HERE

    Alonzo Brown- I tried to teach my chickens how to do jumping jacks after this joke! lol :)

              Joke: Why did the chicken do jumping jacks?

              Answer: CLICK HERE- Or should it be CLUCK HERE? ;)