• Hi visitors! It's Mr. Nicholson

    My area of study and medium (material) of choice is photography, and I have also studied in sculpture, and drawing.

    I also like to make Digital Art, which is Art using technology. I have put a couple of my GIF  Artworks below too.

    I have split my Artworks into categories by medium. If you like to give me a complement sandwich, email me!

  • Below are GIF files. They are clips of video or segments of animation that run on repeat forever.

    I have made over 20 GIF files. 

    The purpose of my Art is to tell a story that lasts forever using Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)

    Check out this link to one of my blogs where I post exclusivly GIF content: https://epicgif.wordpress.com/

pumping oil forever?
small bubble in the deep ocean
boat rocking in the waves

  • Below is a Frog Fish.

    My profile picture shows me taking a picture of a frog fish.

    This is the picture I was taking at that time. 

    Can you see the fish?

Frog Fish
frog fish with red outline