• Keep the Art Happenin! 

    After you make something, snap a quick picture! Ask to use your parent's or guardian's smart phone, or have them do it.  Try to use good lighting, make sure your entire artwork is in frame, and email it to me at:


    Include a written or recorded Artist Statement so I know what your Artwork is about. You could write it your self or even tell an adult what to write and they can type it and send it.

    You could also use the Reflection Sheet Template, located in the Distance Learning Resources tab. It's the same one we us in class.

    Ill post it on your Seesaw account. If you dont have access, click on the Seesaw link to see instruction on how to get connected. Basically, email me and ask to get setup, I'll send you an access code. Download and install the free app, scan the code and your in!