• Remind App:  

    This app is for quick and easy texting between teacher and student.  It is a free app and can be found in your app store. I have set up each class by name and each has a specific code. 

    Use the following codes for your class:

    • Monday/Wednesday AM: @cf72d3
    • Monday/Wednesday PM: @7gf7cf
    • Tuesday/Thursday AM: @2f9bbk

     Follow the messaging instructions to set up your Remind account.

    "The English Pronunciation Tutor":

    This is a Mobile App you can purchase in your Play Store and download on your Smart Phone. 



    In case you or someone you know is struggling:  Community Resources List

    In case you or someone you know needs help feeding the family: Food Pantry List



    Google Voice to Text (Student recommended resource):

    • You can use Google Docs App with the Voice to Text feature to visually see how your pronunciation and enunciation in English is progressing. 
    • Take the link for directions on using this Google feature: Using Google Docs Text to Voice

    Google Translator (Student recommeded resource):

    •  Practicing pronunciation using Google Translator
    • 1.  Select your first language (ex: Vietnamese to English), 2. Record the word you want to practice in your language, 3. Listen to the word in English, 4. Switch the translator to English to your first language (ex: English to Vietnamese), 5. Say the word, until it is correctly shown in English.



    Here is where you can find vocabulary words we chose to learn and practice in our classroom.    

    Click on the link below to get to the document you desire.  It will download in a new window and you will need to open it.  You should find the link in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.  Click on the link to open and then you can print if you wish.

    2018-19 Link:  Vocabulary Words

    2019-20 Link: Vocabulary for 2020