Poetry Sign
  • These are unprecedented times, challenging, uncertain, and sometimes scary. We cannot always control what happens to us. Things like the weather, diseases, and even other people are often totally outside of our control. It is important in these instances to focus on what you can control. You CAN control yourself. You CAN control your breath, you CAN control what you write, watch, read, and participate in.

    With this in mind, I encourage everyone to do a little extra writing every day, or most days. Write a blog, or a journal. Just write about what happened today, how you feel, what your hopes and plans are, write what you’re afraid of or what your concerned about. Write about the people around you, things you have learned, or things you want to learn. Write something, anything, for one day when you are older and look back you will be thankful for what you write today.

    As an artist you can write a journal, a story, a poem, a documentary, a fantasy, or an expression of your feelings. Then add a drawing or other artwork to strengthen and accompany your writing.

    Here are some examples of Artistic writing:


    Haiku Poem – A syllabic Structure of 5, 7, 5. Count the syllables as you write. Make sure you follow the rule.

    A Mountain’s Life.   by Mr. Nicholson

    Born from Mother Earth

    Etched and scared by rain and time

    Killed by Mother Earth


    Cinquain Poem – A 5-line poem that has a fill in structure. Line 1- A Noun. 2- two descriptive words of the noun. 3- three wording about the noun, ending in -ing. 4- A four-word phrase about the noun. 5- A synonym/representative word for your noun.

    Here is an example:


    Tall, Reticulated

    Reaching, licking, standing

    Totally tall and graceful



    Acrostic Poem – Uses a name or a word and its descriptive qualities. Example: I’ll use my first name…


    A- Artist

    A- Awesome

    R- Radiant

    O- Optimistic

    N- Nice


    Post or email your Artwork and an Artist Statement to Mr. Nicholson! my email is   aaron.nicholson@d11.org