• Hi 6th grade Family & Consumer Science Students

    First, I want to say that I am sad I will not get to know you as well as I normally do when I have you in my classroom for weeks. Distance learning will be different compared to my live classroom activities; however, I will do my best sharing information and activities of areas I cover in a 9-week quarter. We only had a few days together before the situation changed our plans.

    The 6th grade curriculum introduces, help develop life skills and knowledge about self, others, nutrition & wellness, basic fabric care and sewing, home care practices and consumer awareness. This is a 9-week course. I have simplified my lessons and activities so you can complete most of these at home.

    While we are home with our families, I hope you take the time to discover the true you and your family members. Make fun memories through this challenging time.

    I have altered the FCS outline to allow you to choose the items and activities that will best suit you and your situation.  I will upload new activities and links each week, so you have many options.

    Self-awareness & Self–Discovery (1st Unit in Family Consumer Sciences)
    During our first week of class, I like to get to know my students.  To participate in this section of the class, do one of the following activities or find a related activity on the internet and complete the challenge.

    • Create a collage from magazine, clip art, photos that is All about YOU!

    This ends up to a scrapbook page of you when you are a 6th grader.  Include items such as pictures of you and your family, where you live (photos of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado flag, picture of your home, etc.), favorite activities, sports, music, pets, etc.; favorite foods; your birthdate; adjectives that describe you (athlete, pianist, gamer, pet-lover, etc.) dreams you may have for life, like travel, sports car, home in the country, etc.  Decorate it with ribbon, glitter, fun lettering, or anything to show your creativity!


    • Write a poem about yourself – here is a sample of a Bio-Poem. Each line consists of items/emotions you like or have.  Type it or write it in your best handwriting.  Share it with your family.  Mark the date on it and keep it with your treasure of schoolwork.
    • Line 1: First Name
    • Line 2: Four traits that describe you
    • Line 3: Relative of (may use other adjectives)
    • Line 4: Lover (3 things or people)
    • Line 5: Who feels (3 items)
    • Line 6: Who needs (3 things)
    • Line 7: Who fears (3 things)
    • Line 8: Who gives (3 things)
    • Line 9: Who would like to see (3 items)
    • Line 10: Resident of
    • Line 11: Last Name


    • Interview your family members. Write down their answers and have fun comparing what each other stated. ask them the following questions: This could be done on small cards around the dinner table
    • What’s your first family event memory?
    • Who’s the oldest relative you remember (and what do you remember about him or her)?
    • How did your parents meet?
    • Tell me about your childhood home.
    • How did your family celebrate holidays when you were a child?
    • What is your favorite toy as a child?
    • What were your favorite school subjects?
    • Tell me about your favorite teacher.
    • Tell me about some of your friends.
    • Do you have a superhero? Who are they? Why?
    • Tell me about some of your favorite songs (also books, movies and television shows).
    • Tell me about some of the places where you’ve been happiest.
    • What is your favorite TV show?
    • Make up other questions you would like to know!


    2nd week of Distant Learning – Activities will be updated soon 

    Nutrition & Wellness

    • Kitchen safety – getting familiar with kitchen design & storage
    • Laboratory procedures – demo-planning-preparation & evaluation
    • Measuring techniques – basic equivalences
    • Reading & following recipes
    • My Plate – identifying foods & categorizing – portion size
    • Nutritious beverage – Orange Julius
    • Microwave use & Consumer pricing – Rice Krispie Treats – Healthy snack bar
    • Mini Pizza – oven use, nutritious snacks – preparation terms
    • Egg Lab – cooking with protein, preparation terms
    • Vegetable / Fruit lab – nutrients – nutrient density
    • Cookie / Carmel Corn – food science experiment


    Textile – Fabric Care & Basic Sewing

    • Tool & Machine Safety – Identification
    • Machine set up & usage
    • Threading machine & filling bobbin
    • Measuring, marking & pinning fabric
    • Accuracy in machine stitching
    • Hand stitching – using the needle & thread


    Instructor:  Mrs. Kelly Gauck             


    Office hours – Wed & Friday 10:00 – 12:00
    or by appointment